Odyssey Seven released March 20th

February 11, 2023

Odyssey Seven will release on Bandcamp March 20th and all other digital streaming and download stores soon after.

This marks the end of a chapter for the Odyssey series and a short hiatus for the series.

Part Seven continues the series with a magical melody, epic beat and atmospheric sounds through each of the 3 movements.

Download now on Bandcamp.

Odyssey Seven 3000x3000 square.jpg

February and Odyssey 7

March 1st, 2021

The latest track taken from the 2021 project 'Annual' has been released on Bandcamp. Any purchase within the month of March comes with a free 12 inch mix.

Odyssey 7 marks the next stage in this incredible series of sonic adventures. Like its predecessors, Odyssey 7 mixes beautiful melodies with huge atmospheric sounds through several different movements. Odyssey 7 will be released soon.


New track... new project

February 3, 2021

January is the first track of 2021's project.

Every month Niels will release a new track in all the usual digital places. Any purchase on Bandcamp within the first month of a track's release will receive a free remix of that track!

By the end of the year the album 'Annual' will be completed and released (with a few extras!) to bring the project to a close.

This project sees Niels return to his roots of electronic music creating a more commercial & club like energy.

Buy January here!


Odyssey 6 out now

November 15, 2020

Odyssey Six continues Niels' sonic and melodic journey. Niels' cinematic style is turned up to 11. Stream the original and two other mixes online or buy them at Bandcamp.

Listen on Apple music now!

Odyssey Six JPEG.jpg

Odyssey Videos on YouTube

November 17th 2020

All Odyssey tracks now have fresh new videos available on YouTube. The visuals are highly abstract, a deliberate decision in order to match the abstract, organic nature of the music. Click here to visit Niels' YouTube channel.


Record Label return

November 9, 2020

Niels will be returning to Luna Keep records for all future releases starting with Odyssey 6 in December of 2020.

Luna Keep Logo.png

2021 Plans

November 2020

Plans are building for a busy 2021. Three albums, a return to the stage plus more Odyssey tracks are already being worked on as we speak!