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2021 Project

Annual sees Niels returning back to his roots in electronic music channeling some of his favourite progress house masters.

Every month throughout 2021 Niels will release a new track. If you purchase a track within it's first month of release you will also receive a free remix.

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Veneer - 2015

Part one of the Masquerade project. From the atmospheric Chime to the classic This is Us. Niels' grand productions and music combined with harmonic and melodic mastery to create some of his most enigmatic works whilst setting the tone for the coming Masquerade project.

Tectonic - 2016

Self imposed challenge of creating an album in two weeks resulted on what are considered some of Niels' very best pieces. Unusual track titles, epic productions and cinematic sounds cemented Niels' reputation for creating truly epic music.

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Superficial - 2017

Part three of the Masquerade project, Superficial contains some of Niels' most delicate and personal tracks whilst still maintaining his trademark cinematic approach to music composition and production.

Facade - 2018

The final part of the Masquerade project presented remixes of some of the most loved tracks from Niles' first three albums and added a special extra track.

Odyssey Series - 2018 ongoing

Ongoing series of tracks developing Niels' cinematic approach. Extended tracks create fantastical journeys of sound, melody and harmony over several movements.