• Niels Blume

Any DAW is the right DAW for you?

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

I have been known to be a little bit faddy... changing my plans and mind with the wind. Included in this is my choice of DAW. I have used the regulars such as Logic, Cubase, FL Studio and Reaper but also enjoyed the less well known such as BitWig, Mu-Lab and Waveform.

So which one is the best (in my opinion)? Well clearly it is Mu-Lab. I love it. I always return to it and have just finished some of my very best music using it.

And yet, if you were to listen to the 'industry' and read the specification lists you would probably not choose Mu-Lab. In fact we would all end up using one of the main DAWs such as Logic or Cubase.

So why do I use Mu-lab... a seemingly stripped back budget DAW (it is very, very deep!) when I have access to others? Well, I feel at my most creative, I feel my best work has resulted from and I have my most fun composing and producing using Mu-Lab.

And that is how you know which is the best DAW.... for you. Don't get blinded by advertising, reviews, specifications, 'industry standards' etc... choose a DAW where you feel you are happiest, get to know it inside out/ upside down and create your best music.

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