• Niels Blume

Cables - my nemesis!

As my hardware studio has grown so have my treasured collection of cables which haunt me on a daily and nightly basis!

32 mixer channels creates a lot of audio cabling. As do all of the midi cables, power cables and those dam pesky USB cables. Miles of the bloody stuff (cables) all twisting, turning and tangling their way around my small studio.

So what is the best way to manage these cables?

I have tried everything. I have re-cabled everything many times, changing the order in which I complete the process - audio first or power? Midi or USB? Run them thorough conduit, under carpets, used cable ties. None of it seems to make any difference!

And then you just try and pull one cable out. Just one. I dare you. Suddenly you are in a world of pain and anguish as that single cable wraps itself around every other cable, chair leg and table foot... anywhere it can tangle it will. Cables have a life of own!

So... what is my final solution? The one I have settled on? Well, simply lay them all gently below they object they are connected to. Nothing flash or technical. Just lay them down and let them be. If they can be hidden from view that's great (unlikely in my studio) but just let them live and breathe in the way they want to.

And finally I can rest... until the next bit of kit arrives!

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