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Hardware or Software... the final solution!

I've been lucky over the years. The range of synths and FX I have used is vast. Some of my favourites include U-he's Zebra 2, the amazing (and free) Synth 1, the wonderful Yamaha TG 55 and most recently I have added an Arturia Microfreak to my collection which was a superb decision if I may say so!

But the old argument still seems to pop up on social media and even in the press - hardware or software. Here is my final solution to this very old question... either/ both/ all!

Why - You all ask. Well it is simple. If you like the sound of a synth then use it... that is what matters most. Additionally; listeners don't care what you use (they just want great music) and it is highly unlikely you are sitting in your studio with a software emulation and a hardware version of a Mini Moog (is it?) so you are not in a position to compare the hardware and software anyway. Just enjoy what you have.

Plus - there are many amazing plug-in synths out there with incredible features (Zebra as mentioned above) and the same can be said for hardware (Waldorf Blofeld is affordable and epic!) so do your research if features is your thing. We really are spoilt for choice in this day and age.

And if you are wondering what the picture is... this is the hardware controller for the software version of the classic Oscar synth of 1983. The software version is amazing but damn I'd love the real thing sitting in my studio - it looks so nice!

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