• Niels Blume

One Track per Week - 2020

Late 2019, the dawn of a new exciting decade. 2020 was going to be a great year! And so full of enthusiasm I decided to set myself a challenge - to create one new track every week and release it for free on Bandcamp.

11 months later and I am almost there. To date I have release 45 tracks out of 52... I think I am going to make it. Now I am not saying the are all classics but there have been a few winners along the way. So much so that a new album will emerge form this epic adventure some time in 2021.

So what have I learned form this...

1 - Two hours to create a track is almost enough time!

2 - My two rules worked; firstly to finish one track each week no matter what the music and secondly to finish a track no matter what!

3 - IT is amazing how quickly I can work if required!

4 - Creativity can be forced.

5 - Getting into the habit of sitting down to create every week is a great thing... just make the time.

6 - Not sure I will ever do this again!

If you want to listen the tracks pop over to Bandcamp. They are all free to download.

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